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| less than a minute read

8 New Views #8: Do Not Copy-Paste Processes In A Carve-Out

“Split the company, duplicate the processes and be done with it” is a mantra heard often in the deal context. This saves time and money – why change proven processes? But just like cutting a cake, the original plate does not fit either of the newly derived parts.

You want to know more? Please click on this link 👉 "New View on Carve-Outs" to read our 8th and last article, co-authored with Nicolas Cohen-Solal, Tom De Troyer, Nick Neil-Boss, William Berger, Jean Guillou, Jean-Christophe Fuzzati, Aaron Krüttgen, Adrien Kassel, Tom Widdig and Yoann Darcet-Gil


carve-out, transaction, deal, strategy &operations, separation, m&a, demerger, disinvestment, private equity